X, formerly known as Twitter, is launching a feature that allows users to share community posts with all their followers.
The announcement was made by an X engineer who revealed that the feature is currently accessible to iOS users, with plans for a subsequent rollout on the web and Android platforms. 
To utilise this feature, users simply need to check the “Also send to followers” option while posting within a community, making the post visible on the poster’s profile.
Given that X’s communities are public, any user can view these posts, but participation is limited to community members. Non-members, however, can interact with a broadcasted community post by quoting it. It remains unclear whether X will introduce options for communities to block broadcasts.
In recent months, X has intensified efforts to enhance its community features, aiming to compete more effectively with platforms like Reddit and Facebook. Notable updates include the ability to sort posts in pinned communities, highlight communities on user profiles, and allow private accounts to join communities.
In October, X introduced a gatekeeping feature empowering admins of restricted communities to pose questions to potential members before joining. Admins could then use the responses to decide whether to grant access.
While community creation was previously limited to Premium accounts, X expanded this capability to users in Japan in October. Moreover, the platform has been incorporating posts from joined communities into the algorithmic feed, labelled “For You,” over the past few months.
X is aiming to create a more engaging and competitive social experience, solidifying response to user needs and industry trends. Users can anticipate further updates as the platform continues to enhance its offerings.
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