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We’re uniquely positioned to solve your most complex IT challenges — helping you manage today and transform the future.

Our advantage: True end-to-end capabilities

We offer breadth and depth. Combining our solution areas gives you access to innovative approaches, modern technology, a global supply chain and managed support services — all with one strategic partner.

We’ve helped some of the world’s most successful companies differentiate their services, transform IT, advance workplaces and streamline product delivery. Whether you’re looking for guidance on a large transformation or have a specific need that falls under one of our four solution areas, we’re poised to help.

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Our solution areas

Digital Innovation

Delightful customer experiences differentiate your business. Harness the power of data to optimize operations. We’ll leverage edge technology and advanced analytics to turn your business into a disrupter.

  • dotifi Connected Suite
  • Services

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Cloud + Data Center Transformation

The right people, processes and technology to support your goals turn your IT environment into an innovation enabler. We’ll be your guide in a technology landscape that’s increasingly complex.

  • Transformation services
  • Cloud & data center platforms
  • Support services
  • Assessments & workshops

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Connected Workforce

Meaningful and productive employee experiences support the modern workforce. We’ll help you create better workspaces and simplify device management — while increasing service levels and keeping workers happy.

  • Managed workplace services
  • Managed office
  • Managed mobility
  • Managed collaboration
  • Managed deployment

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Supply Chain Optimization

Our powerful procurement tools and dedicated consultants simplify how your business buys and manages hardware and software. We provide end-to-end support for your entire IT lifecycle.

  • mydotifi e-procurement platform
  • Product lifecycle services
  • Software solutions & services
  • Cloud solutions & management

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A single portal with access to everything you need

Manage your entire technology lifecycle with a mydotifi account — your solution for maximizing the value of your IT.

Client stories

Developing Fresh Customer ExperiencesDeveloped an integrated app; differentiated customer experience; predictive maintenance

Migrating Data Without CompromiseCreated a comprehensive IT solution; migrated data to two new data center sites; managed services

Minimizing Disruptions in the WorkplaceService-level agreements increased to 98% — an all-time high; improved end-user satisfaction

Hotel Chain Optimizes IT Processes, User ExperienceEstimated $2.5M in annual savings; doubled ability to meet service-level agreements

Connected Platform for Contact Tracing

A comprehensive solution for protecting health — and privacy

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Enterprise business




Healthcare & life sciences


Manufacturing technology

Retail & restaurants


Small to medium

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Solving your public sector challenges

With unique security, regulatory and implementation requirements, you need a partner who truly understands your organization. dotifi Public Sector has decades of experience serving governments, schools and healthcare.

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Solving IT challenges takes dotifi.

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IT Solutions Security

Security doesn’t have to complex, you just need to be prepared. We can help you design, implement and deploy the best security solutions for you.



Services & Solutions

Network Security
Define, enforce and monitor your security policy.
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Endpoint Protection

Secure your organization by protecting your users and their devices.


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Access Control
Enforcing security through policy enables productivity while maintaining security.
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Identity and Authentication

Ensure user identity and enforce security policy.

Monitoring and Visibility

Proactive notifications of security incidents, and the information needed for remediation.

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Security Services
Policy Development, Vulnerability Assessments, and deployment expertise.
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