TV manufacturer THOMSON recently presented its new product portfolio at the HKTDC Hong Kong Electronics Fair, including its new flagship, the QLED Pro with Google TV.
In the southern Chinese metropolis, THOMSON is particularly keen to push ahead with its growth plans in the Middle East.
The European manufacturer’s TV sets are known for their razor-sharp images, impressive sound experience and user-friendly operation.
The new product range also features Google TV, a standardized operating system based on Android 12, which offers the highest standards in terms of data protection and update security.
Users can access over 10,000 apps, stream movies, control smart home devices or watch the latest clips on YouTube. By creating multiple user profiles, each family member benefits from better, personalized recommendations that match their own viewing habits.
Thomson TV Camping Lifestyle
Highlights include the QLED Pro and QLED Plus models. They combine razor-sharp images with first-class sound.
The 144 Hz refresh rate of the QLED Pro enables seamless motion and smooth gameplay, even during fast-paced action.
The built-in front speakers on the QLED Plus provide the right sound and an impressive audio experience. Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos ensure enhanced sound and visuals.
No compromises when it comes to picture quality – the entry-level models are available in HD, Full HD and 4K with Ultra HD resolution. For more sophisticated TV enjoyment, THOMSON offers sets with QLED and OLED technology.
QLED stands for optimum brightness and a wider color palette, even in daylight. OLED delivers the deepest blacks and ensures strong color contrasts.
The size of the room doesn’t matter: the new TV sets from THOMSON are available in 24- to 43-inch versions for small-screen viewing entertainment.
The large THOMSON sets with a screen diagonal of 75, 77 or 85 inches provide a real cinema experience in your own living room.
The camping Smart TVs presented in 24- and 32-inch size, with a 12-volt adapter are ideal for those who don’t want to miss out on their entertainment program while on the move. Whether in a caravan, camping or on a boat – thanks to its compact format, you can take your favourite series, films and TV programs with you wherever you go.
Thomson QLED Plus Front Speakers
Thanks to the perfect combination of technology and design, interior fans get their money’s worth.
In addition to the black models, the THOMSON portfolio also includes white HD, FHD and 4K UHD TVs that perfectly fit any living style.
The white frame creates a light and airy atmosphere, which is particularly beneficial in smaller rooms and kitchens.
Another highlight among the new products is the LUCID OLED. With its transparent screen, the TV is almost invisible when switched off and blends perfectly into any room.
With its innovative aesthetics, the LUCID OLED is a must-have for anyone who values style, especially for B2B customers. The device offers retailers an ideal opportunity to showcase products within their salesrooms.
The new streaming generation from THOMSON
If you stream, watch smart with THOMSON. The new Streaming Sticks 140G and 145G and Streaming Box 240G deliver crystal-clear images in up to 4K quality and are equipped with Google TV. This transforms even older models into a smart TV.
Thomson Android TV UHD with Google Assistant
With Google TV, users have access to over 10,000 apps, including Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video and YouTube and 800+ free channels. Your favourite shows, documentaries, music, sporting events and much more are now just a click away. Google TV combines content from different services on the home screen, so you don’t have to jump from app to app to find preferred movies.
Customize your home entertainment for each family member with multiple user profiles.
This means that everyone can watch the programme of their choice and discover viewing suggestions tailored to their watching habits and interests. In the dedicated kid’s space you can curate content for your child’s profile, set a bedtime, watch limits and more.
All streaming devices have a Bluetooth remote control with direct buttons for Netflix, Disney+, Prime Video or YouTube. On the 145G and 240G streaming models, the remote control also has a numeric keypad.
The remote control responds to voice commands. This makes searching for live sporting events, funny clips, or informative documentaries child’s play.
The Streaming Box 240G interacts with other devices such as laptops, smartphones, projectors, soundbars or other multimedia devices via numerous interfaces. Simply connect via cable or pair via Bluetooth.
The THOMSON Streaming Box 240G is now available online and in leading TV and electronics stores. The Streaming Sticks 140G and 145G will be available in March 2024. Also on show at the Hong Kong Electronics Fair: the Streaming Bar 340G – the latest generation model for high-quality streaming enjoyment paired with first-class sound.
Further product highlights
With the THOMSON Gamepad 400A, the company is entering new sales areas. The controller is compatible with almost every Android device and can be commanded by voice thanks to the Google Assistant button and microphone and ensures wireless gaming action.
And the Simple Remote from THOMSON is suitable for people with visual impairments or difficulties while operating buttons.
The remote control features voice command, a small number of extra-large buttons and Braille support.
There are additional direct buttons on the remote control to call up your favorite program with just one click.
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