At the Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona, Microsoft introduced its “AI Access Principles,” to govern the future of artificial intelligence (AI) technology and its global impact, which is moving at speedy scale.
With these principles, Microsoft is driving responsible AI innovation and ensuring the digital transformation grows in a continuous positive light. 
With AI taking over across various industries, Microsoft recognizes the importance of establishing ethical guidelines and promoting accessibility to AI technologies globally.
The core tenets of the “AI Access Principles” point to Microsoft’s facilitation of innovation, empowering developers, and ensuring fairness and transparency across the AI industry. Through these principles, Microsoft aims to promote collaboration, drive technological advancements, and address societal challenges through the responsible deployment of AI solutions.
Microsoft is building an environment that encourages innovation and competition in the AI economy. The company recognizes AI as a foundational technology with the potential to drive societal progress and enhance global competitiveness.
Acknowledging the fast-growing regulatory sector surrounding AI technology, Microsoft pledges to uphold its legal obligations while engaging constructively with regulators worldwide.
The tech giant also expatiates the need for extensive partnerships to support the development and deployment of AI solutions, stimulating joint works with organizations, startups, and developers to drive AI innovation.
Microsoft aims to leverage AI technology to empower customers, communities, and countries to address societal needs and drive economic growth. The company emphasizes the importance of building infrastructure that supports the broader AI economy.
It also points to the importance of fierce engagement with governments and industry stakeholders in shaping the future of AI technology. The company advocates for open dialogue and collaboration to address emerging challenges and opportunities in the AI sector.
Additionally, the Microsoft AI Access Principles outline specific commitments related to providing access and support for AI developers, ensuring choice and fairness across the AI economy, meeting societal responsibilities, and promoting environmental sustainability.
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