Bolt hosted an Iftar dinner on Monday, bringing Muslim driver-partners together to break their fast at the Barcelona Hotel in the FCT Abuja.
The Iftar dinner allowed Muslim driver-partners observing Ramadan the opportunity to gather to break their fast together as well as providing a safe space for mutual dialogue and engagement.
The ride-hailing giant expressed gratitude to hardworking Bolt drivers still stepping on the pedal throughout Ramadan.
Yahaya Mohammed, country manager for Bolt said:
We are a big community with lots of driver-partners from different backgrounds and we want to honor, respect and share the joy of every driver. This is about saying yes to love, inclusion, community and yes to everyone who wants to be a Bolt driver-partner. It’s very special to host an Iftar dinner with our hardworking driver-partners and something we are extremely proud about.”
Imam Mansur Abubakar led prayers before guests then gathered together to break their fast with bespoke menus.
Hamza Uthman, a driver-partner said: We are happy to break our fast with our Christian brothers and sisters. This is what Ramadan is about – uniting people. Thanks to Bolt for this great idea.”
Bolt hosts drivers to Iftar dinner
This Iftar dinner epitomizes Bolt’s steadfast commitment to fostering meaningful engagement with its driver community and strengthening the bond between drivers and the Bolt platform.
“As a company deeply rooted in values of appreciation and inclusivity, Bolt remains dedicated to creating memorable experiences and nurturing a sense of belonging among its esteemed drivers”.
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