Apple Inc. has increased its iPhone production in India, reaching $14 billion worth of assembly in the fiscal year 2024.
This surge in production doubled in output, signifying Apple’s expedited efforts to diversify its manufacturing beyond China.
According to a Bloomberg News report released on Wednesday, Apple now manufactures approximately 14% of its iPhones in India, equivalent to about 1 in 7 of its flagship devices.
The report revealed that Foxconn contributed nearly 67% of the India-made iPhones, while Pegatron Corp accounted for about 17%.
The remaining portion was assembled by Wistron Corp’s plant in the southern Indian state of Karnataka, which was taken over by the Tata Group last year.
While Apple declined to comment on the Bloomberg report, the company’s strategy of expanding production in India aligns with its efforts to diversify its supply chain beyond China.
This move comes alongside the escalating geopolitical tensions between Beijing and Washington, with Apple seeking to mitigate risks associated with over-reliance on Chinese manufacturing.
Despite the increased production in India, China remains the largest hub for iPhone manufacturing globally. However, Apple’s steps to bolster its presence in India indicate a strategic shift in its manufacturing footprint.
In related news, Reuters reported on Monday that Pegatron is engaged in advanced discussions to transfer control of its sole iPhone manufacturing facility, situated near Chennai in the southern state of Tamil Nadu, to the Tata Group. Additionally, the Tata Group is constructing another manufacturing plant in Hosur, Tamil Nadu, with Pegatron anticipated to become its joint venture partner.
Apple is diversifying its manufacturing base and capitalizing on the growing opportunities in India’s growing market.
The tech giant continues to expand its footprint in the country and envisions playing a more important role in India’s smartphone market.
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