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ISC2 SSCP Sample Questions:
01. What is the primary purpose of SSO?
a) Authorization
b) Confidentiality
c) Availability
d) Authentication

02. Which of these statements about sharing threat intelligence is inaccurate?
a) The best method is to share as much internal information as possible.
b) It’s recommended to set rules about what information can be shared.
c) One often-used standard for threat intelligence sharing is STIX.
d) Identify appropriate threat intelligence information sources.

03. An attacker is using a text file’s spaces and tabs to store information. Which of the following is this an example of?
a) Encoding
b) Hashing
c) Steganography
d) Encryption

04. You browse to a website and receive a pop-up message stating your computer is vulnerable and in immediate need of a missing patch. Which of the following might be present on that website?
a) PUA
b) Spyware
c) Virus
d) Scareware

05. How many primary types of authentication factors are there?
a) 2
b) 3
c) 7
d) 4

06. Using a proprietary forensic tool for investigation relates to which of these reliability factors?
a) Clarity
b) Error rate
c) Credibility
d) Testability

07. In which of these control goal and class combinations does a motion sensor fall into?
a) Preventive, technical
b) Detective, technical
c) Preventive, physical
d) Detective, physical

08. Which of these statements about the benefits of VLANs is inaccurate?
a) Increased security
b) Excellent physical segmentation
c) Enhanced performance
d) No additional equipment required for configuration

09. A company wants to select a dedicated alternative location for continuing its operations in the event of an incident, while minimizing operational downtime.
Which of the following would be most appropriate for that purpose?
a) Hot site
b) Warm site
c) Cold site
d) Mobile site

10. Which of the following would you use to adequately secure the wireless network of a small office with ten employees, without any excessive administrative burden?
a) WEP (with AES)
b) WPA2 (with AES)
c) WEP-Enterprise
d) WPA2-Enterprise

Question: 01
Answer: d Question: 02
Answer: a Question: 03
Answer: c Question: 04
Answer: d Question: 05
Answer: b
Question: 06
Answer: d Question: 07
Answer: d Question: 08
Answer: b Question: 09
Answer: a Question: 10
Answer: b
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