Ah, the sweet melodies of music – a global language spoken and understood by almost everyone, everywhere. Now, let’s introduce marketing into the mix. As odd as the pair may seem, combining these two is often surprising and transformative.
Their partnership shapes how we view brands, turning ordinary buying experiences into something deeply profound. But just how deeply intertwined are these two realms? Let’s explore.
Power of Music and Partnerships
Remember radio jingles? Especially those musical jingles with simple, catchy tunes we cannot forget that were the backbone of memorable advertising. Long after turning off the radio, the melody stayed with you.
Brands like ST Soap and Indomie became household names thanks to the use of musical jingles.

Even today, in the era of digital ads, the role of music in telling a brand’s story still holds strong. Just think of the recent viral Airtel 444 music advert that got played at parties. Although we’ve moved past the golden age of jingles, the essence of using music as a storytelling tool in marketing remains incredibly relevant.

Now, brands and musicians are taking things to the next level with full-blown partnerships. Take the Travis Scott and McDonald’s $20 million deal, which boosted sales for the fast food company. This wasn’t just about selling a new meal. It was a big cultural moment, made even more significant because Scott put it into his music.
Emotions Amplified
Music has a unique way of making us feel things, right? When brands use a song that means something to us, the ad becomes more than just an ad. It turns into a part of our life’s story. The music draws us in, sets the mood, and makes us remember the brand long after the ad is over.
Proof? Just think of memorable jingles or themes from Indomie, ST Soap, or Panadol Extra. These tunes become markers in our memory, affecting our attitude towards the brand and influencing us to buy the product.
It’s not just the big companies that use music; local shops are doing it, too. Picture a new café hosting live music at its opening. It’s not just about selling coffee. It’s about becoming a part of the community. Music serves as a friendly nod, saying, “Hi, neighbour. Let’s be friends.”
Future Sounds Exciting
Looking ahead, the future is full of potential. Imagine attending a virtual concert sponsored by your favourite brand or clicking on products in an interactive music video. With technology, the ways brands can use music are endless.
Sites like Spotify and SoundCloud are changing how we listen to music and how brands talk to us. They’re not just platforms for songs but gold mines of user data. This allows brands to craft personalized campaigns, making ads feel less like interruptions and more like curated content.
Podcasts are another place where music and marketing blend well. Brands sponsoring episodes get a chance to tell their stories in a more engaging way. This makes listeners not just an audience but active participants in a brand’s story.
So, Do They Match?
Is music and marketing a match made in heaven? Looks like it. As traditional ads become less effective, music offers a new pathway. It connects with us emotionally, making ads more impactful and memorable. In this mix of strategy and emotion, brands and consumers find a harmonious tune likely to play on for years.
*Adeola Adejokun, a communication professional, tweets from @OgbeniAdejokun. 
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